The LMG team misson

2015-11-13 17.54.22Our mission is to help all gymnasts in our team programs to progressively succeed by setting and achieving goals over time and to gain positive life skills. We want to develop happy, healthy and confident young people.

Congratulations to our 2016 Regional Qualifiers:

  • Level 9: Maddy, Abby, Savana and Philip
  • Level 8: Gillian (state team), Reagan, Ari, Ashlyn and Ian
  • Level 7: Faith, Alex G, Allie, Alex B, Makayla and gage
  • Level 6: Isabelle, Rayne, Ben and Sage (Lydia Grace and Austin- alternates)
  • Level 5: Milo and Reid


2016 Ashley Locker, Taylor Glover, Mia Albert, Charleigh Mobley, Gabi Mays

2014, 2015 Ashley Locker

2014, 2013, 2012 Maddy Reid


Our tv spotlights and news releases:


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